GAGGIA G-Cleaner

Based on market requirements, we decided to launch the new G-Cleaner in order to make life easier for the bartender, avoiding noise into the coffee shop and maintaining higher cleaning level.
G-Cleaner is a professional equipment useful to clean the coffee machines' filter holder, by a rotating brush. Therefore, when the bin is full, the barista can conveniently empty and clean it in a faster and easier way;
Thanks to its ergonomic forms, it prevents the user from trauma to the wrist, forearm and shoulder;
It’s easy to install because it’s sufficient lock it at the bar counter without any type of processing.
Main features:
This new ACCESSORY with code 9V0110 Includes:
10 coffee grounds bags;
An additional silicone spatula;
The instruction booklet;

285.710 ر.ع. 285.71 OMR 285.710 ر.ع.

285.710 ر.ع.

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